Feldenkrais Institute Northwest

Testimonials for Feldenkrais Movement Therapy in Woodinville

"I was very fortunate to discover Feldenkrais through Mike Doren after an incapacitating motorcycle accident in the summer of 2008. Mike graciously donated his services to aid in my recovery of a shattered pelvis and dislocated femur. As told in the Reno Magazine story, my lower spine was separated from my pelvis and metal pins were used to mend the six fractures, making walking, sitting, and standing difficult and painful. 

Before my accident I worked as a snowboard instructor and thought I would be forced to give up my passion for the snow. After my first session with Mike it was clear that this was no conventional therapy and I walked out with confidence; encouraged by the goals he and I set that day. 

A new awareness of my movements began immediately. My body and mind needed to be synced once again and Mike showed me how to accomplish this. I looked forward to every meeting; prepared with questions and together we would discover solutions allowing me to envision a normal life again. 

After three months of Feldenkrais I was practicing yoga, sleeping better and working again. I was able to snowboard this past winter and I continue to learn through this awareness of my body. I would recommend Feldenkrais to anyone considering it; the knowledge that I gained is invaluable and has allowed me to live the life I love. I know Feldenkrais will help everyone ready to commit to it."

~ Tori Dillon

“In 1960, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the beginning my major symptom was ataxia, a feeling of imbalance in walking that leads to clinging to railings or walls. I, of course, looked for anything to help, and much later in 1982 I visited a nearby college in Amherst where Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was training new practitioners to teach his method. I was lucky enough to attend these sessions, and as I watched him instruct about 30 students in the large gym, I noticed several things of importance to me.

First, the atmosphere, although informal, was intense. I could see the students responding not only to the instructions but also to the ideas that lay behind them.  Because I am a scientist I needed to be convinced that this was no hoax, that the lessons were based on discernible logic. I was convinced, and found Moshe to be a remarkable innovator and a delightful man.

27 years later, in 2009, I met Mike Doren at a presentation he was giving and was able to ask him a question. I showed him my stiffly closed hand and asked if anything could be done about it. In answer he said, "Lift your hand above your head. Now try to open it." I could open it part way. My spirit soared. Mike and I soon discovered that together we could also do many things to improve my stamina, as I had been expending precious energy in order to sit upright in my wheelchair, and the simple matter of correcting my position has dramatically increased my ability to function throughout the day.

Continuing work with him now allows me to write legibly and feed myself with ease. There is even a possibility that I may stand again! Already I no longer need the leg brace that I have worn for many years.  Although the progress in flexibility and dexterity is a joy to me, it pales beside the feeling that my precious store of stamina for each day allows me to embrace life as I always have.

In nearly every lesson I find myself saying, "Oh, now I see." There are many "aha" moments in our sessions that remind me that I can make a real difference in my long struggle with MS. I am more grateful to Mike, and to Moshe, than they can know.”

~ Dr. Nan Conklin, PhD